-- Our favorite user of the rock, he felled the mighty Goliath with naught but a rock and a slingshot. Kudos to the great underdog!

-- He had more panache and flair in his use of munitions than just about anyone. Splitting an apple on someone's head with an arrow, he proved that extreme accuracy wasn't out of reach, even when the target was.

-- Arguably the greatest swordsman of all time, this legendary samurai fought over 60 duels over his lifetime and remained undefeated. To this day his book, Go Rin No Sho survives and is still useful, as it guides the learning of both warfare and strategy, while it is written at a level where the beginner may study and the master may study the same words, and each still learn from them. Japanese to this day have been known to use the precepts put forth in this volume in modern business practice.

-- Most infamous for felling Alexander Hamilton, his duel by pistol with him is one of the more remembered events in American history.

-- Another infamous firearms user, this man was found guilty of one of the most vividly recalled assassinations in recent history. Even to this day, there are movies and conjecture about whether he acted alone, or whether there was a conspiracy involved in the assassination of JFK. Was the bullet magic or not? You be the judge.

   -- Oppenheimer and his associates developed the atom bomb, the first nuclear weapon, as the result of the Manhattan Project in an effort to quickly end the war with Japan. Some called it overkill. Others just saw it as the biggest bang mankind had seen to date.

-- Designer of the publically available PGP software encryption package, our beloved US Government finally dropped the charges against him. Apparently, they don't like you keeping secrets from them. Isn't that a shame? They're allowed to keep enough secrets from us, after all.

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