Rogue organic chemist gone explosives expert. Goal in life is to create something more powerful than Marvin the Martian's weaponry.

High energy physicist guy? He's our man who measures how big the boom is.

Self described crypto groupie, he's the man who makes sure our secrets stay secret. We suspect he's also good at making your secrets less secret, but we haven't caught him at it yet.

Rental Truck Inspector. Or so he tells us. We're not really sure.

The former Marine. Have you ever heard of a munitions dealership that didn't have at least one former Marine?

Fallout containment specialist. He analyzes various types of fallout, and not only from the munitions he tests. We still haven't been able to pry a real first name out of him...

Peace through superior command-line interfaces. We have no idea what it means either, but we were fool enough to hire him.

Yes, these are real homepages, of real people. They just don't happen to work at Munitions, Inc.